We help you successfully lead your organization through conflict and controversy.

Conflict can be costly. Managed well, conflict and controversy create opportunities. For over 20 years, the SSES team has helped leaders reduce operational, strategic, project, and reputation risk, build valuable stakeholder relationships, and improve their bottom line.


With INternal stakeholders

We partner with your organization to create a culture of engagement and collaboration. Employees resolve issues early and well, leading to measurable improvement in workplace satisfaction, innovation, and bottom line results.


With External stakeholders

Public resistance to pipeline, utility, infrastucture, defense, and healthcare projects is costly for all parties. Specializing in defense and healthcare projects, and Native American/First Nation consultation processes, we work with key stakeholders to increase trust and collaboration so that mutually-beneficial, sustainable solutions can be crafted.


Dr. Stewart is adept at recognizing potential common interests between stakeholders and connecting people and organizations for mutual gain. She resolves conflicts to make true innovation possible!
— Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas City, Missouri

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